Aboriginal Art was the focus of Haley's 2008-09 Independent Study.  Here she displays two of the pieces she produced as part of her study.  She says they take a long time to make.

The Dual Enrollment Vs. AP: Correcting the Misconception

How does UVA view dual enrollment versus AP classes?

"When considering dual enrollment courses as compared to AP, we follow the school's lead.  If they [the high schools] consider them equal, we do the same." - Valerie Gregory , UVA Admissions

Note:  Dual Enrollment and AP are both honor level courses at AHS and weighted the same.

In this section, you will find documents we created for rising juniors and seniors to compare and consider selected classes, in particular honor course options.

  • For 11th grade, this includes Dual Enrollment and AP U.S. History, as well as Honors English and AP Language. 
  • For 12th grade social studies, students may select Dual Enrollment or AP Government, and for English, students may choose AP Literature or Dual Enrollment English. 

Students must first register with PVCC and take the Compass placement test in order to enroll in any AHS dual enrollment course.  Below is a document that details the procedure.

Next, there is a chart showing the most rigorous courses in different subjects that students may take during their four years at Albemarle High School.

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