2012-13 Budget Reports and Presentations

Each year during the School Division's annual budget process, various presentations and reports are presented to the School Board to inform their decision-making.  A listing of key presentations and reports for the 2012-13 budget can be found below.  The list will be updated throughout the budget cycle as new information becomes available.

Documents, Reports, and Presentations
School Board's Funding Request:
Full Funding Request - All Sections Combined
Section A - Overview
Section B - Revenue Analysis
Section C - Operating Expenses
Section D - Self-Sustaining Financials
Section E - Budget Data Analysis
Section F - Supporting Documents
School Board's Funding Request Presentation (Mar 13)
Resource Documents Presented at School Board Meetings:
Superintendent's Funding Request (Jan 19)
Superintendent's Funding Request Presentation (Jan 19)
Schedule Change Options and Impact on Staffing Costs (Dec 8)
2011-12 Human Resources Annual Report (Dec 1)
5-Year Plan Presentation to Joint Boards (Nov 10)
Budget Considerations Presented to School Board (Oct 27) 
Total Compensation Presentation to Joint Boards (Oct 12) 
Historical Budget Documents from Previous Years
Special Reports Prepared at the Direction of the School Board:
 1.  SOL High School Results Differentiated by High School
 2.  SOL Achievement Gap Data - Why are 2010-2011 high school results down by 5% or more for Black and Hispanic subgroups?
 3.  Study Hall Data - Number of study halls and number of students in each study hall at the High School level at each school. 
 4.  World Language Enrollment Data (see page 20) - Current 1st semester enrollments in World Languages.
 5.  Electives Courses and enrollment data - Enrollments in electives by school, both those electives within and outside core areas, e.g. psychology, philosophy, statistics, etc. as well as CTE, Health/PE, Fine and Performing Arts, etc. with data spanning the two years before 8-period day and the two years into the 8-period day. 
 6.  Kilns in Schools - The schools that do not have kilns and projected costs to reach universal access - elementary as well.  Can this be covered in CIP?
 7.  AP Enrollments - Frequency distribution of AP enrollments across grade levels by teacher. 
 8.  Schedule Change Impact on Staffing - Staffing needs and concomitant costs for 5/8 vs. 6/8 staffing at the secondary level (6-12) with no increase in class size over the current class size parameters.
 9.  Schedule Change Impact on Staffing - The effect on class size if secondary (6-12) schools were organized around 5/8 staffing with no change in current FTE staffing allotments at the secondary level.
10. Compensation for Teaching more than Standard Classroom Load - Equity between high school and other levels. 
11. Bus Replacement Cycle (Board will request data at a later time)
12. High School Staffing (Board will request data at a later time)
13. Teacher Student Load Data - Number of students per teacher per high school (Albemarle High, Monticello High, Murray High, Western Albemarle High)for the following school years:  2008-2009, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011.
14. World Languages Pass Rates Data - Pass rates for World Languages from 2008-2009, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011.
15. High School Electives (see Program of Studies on Dept of Instruction web site) - List of elective offerings for each high school for the following years:  2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011.
16. College/University Acceptance - Acceptance counts by each college and university at each high school for the following school years:  2008-2009, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011. 
17. CTE Enrollment - Dual enrollment CTE course offerings by each high school.
18. Honors/AP/Dual Enrollment - Counts of students who are in 8 Honors/AP/Dual Enrollment courses. 
19. Budget preparation, Table 2, show three separate years of data. (Work in progress)
20. Implications of Expanding World Languages
21. Differentiated Funding for LEP (Work in progress) - Do we differentiate funding for LEP by Level 1 and Level 2?  If not, would this be an area for savings?