Dear Baker-Butler Families and Friends,

Our shared vision is for all learners to believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel, and to own their future.  This year, we are continuing our focus on the shared mission of Albemarle County Public Schools, especially as it pertains to Rigor, Relevance and Relationships and the goal of eliminating the achievement gap. Members of the Baker-Butler Elementary School staff work as a collaborative professional learning community and truly believe in the vision, mission and goals of our school division which are used as the foundation for much of our decision making, keeping the best interest of our students in mind. 

Baker-Butler Elementary School is the newest elementary school in Albemarle County and is a place where students continue to achieve high levels of academic excellence, as evidenced by one or more important measures such as the Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOL). The Baker-Butler staff regularly receives special recognitions, awards and procures various grants that enrich the excellent learning environment our children enjoy. We continue to improve instructional practice with work on special academic units that serve to engage students through inquiry-based learning.  

We work hard to develop the whole child, and are pleased with quality results consistently demonstrated in the visual and performing arts as well as in physical education. Many other valuable resources in our school contribute to the overall development and enrichment of students including special services, guidance, educational support staff, ESOL, curriculum and technology integration , gifted services, library media center, special clubs, TV studio, after school enrichment (EDEP) and many other student and family centered activities that are available.

Our students are more likely to be successful when they also have the support of their families. We see family involvement as a critical component to the education of each child. Children come to school wanting to learn, they want to make good decisions both academically and behaviorally and they need everyone's help. We appreciate you as our partners in education. Thank you! 

The Baker-Butler Elementary School story continues.  The next chapter begins now.

Respectfully Yours,

David A. Cushman, Principal
Sue Newman, Assistant Principal