The Albemarle County Public Schools TSIP Certification Guide

The full TSIP Certification Guide explains the process by which all instructional staff will demonstrate proficiency in Virginia's Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.

Test Practice
Interactive practice tests for the Computer/Technology SOL , from the Jefferson Lab.

Computer/Technology SOL Test for Grade 8--Released Test Items The C/T items (and answers) are on pp. 115-130.

Appendices to the TSIP Certification Guide

The following are appendix items from the Guide. They are posted separately for your convenience.

Appendix A: Timeline for the Completion of the TSIP Proficiency Record This chart provides information regarding the dates by which TSIP proficiency must be demonstrated for various license holders.

Appendix B: College/University Course That Address the TSIP This table contains the list of courses that have been judged to address the TSIP. The list will be updated as more courses are reviewed.

Appendix C: Personal Portfolio Checklists
The document contains the checklist for Standards A-D, which is utilized by all personnel, as well as additional checklists, that address Standards E-H, for Classroom-based and Non-Classroom-based educators.

Appendix D: The Albemarle County Public Schools TSIP Proficiency Record
This is the form that instructional personnel use to keep track of their progress in demonstrating proficiency. The form records supervisor signatures for each standard. (Post in .pdf)

Appendix E: TSIP Essential Questions
This document answers the What, How, Why, and When of the certification process, and tells you where to go for help.

Appendix F: TSIP Proficiency Certification-What Educators Must Do In Albemarle County Public Schools
This flowchart guides educators through the steps to be taken to complete the TSIP Certification process.

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 :: Who is responsible for demonstrating proficiency in the TSIP?  

The list of personnel responsible for demonstrating proficiency in the TSIP appears on page 6 of the ACPS TSIP Proficiency Guide .

  :: "Non-Classroom based personnel." Does that mean teachers of Art, Music, and PE, for example?
 "Non-classroom based personnel" are generally those who do not spend a substantial part of their day working with groups of students. Therefore, Art, Music, and PE teachers are "classroom-based" by that definition. However, the final determination of who is or is not classroom-based is left to the discretion of the principal.

  :: Will any type of pre-test be given to see what skills we already possess?
Assistance with assessing your skill level can be garnered by examining the skills checklists that accompany the Guide on pages 18-27. These, while used in producing evidence of skills attainment for the Personal Portfolio, are useful to all educators in determining if they possess the requisite skills, and may assist you in determining the type of professional development sessions that you need. 

  :: I've taken a lot of technology related courses for my endorsement, but I don't see them listed in the section of "approved" courses. Are only UVA courses "approved?"
The list of approved courses contained in Appendix B of the Guide is preliminary. Educators should go to the TSIP Resources page to see the latest list.

  :: Will there be courses or workshops, other than the UVA one-credit courses, that will be offered to teachers to help them master the TSIP?
Since 1998, Albemarle County has offered courses through Opportunities to help educators develop the skills required by the TSIP. Additionally, the Division's Technology Lead Teachers conduct a wide variety of workshops and presentations at individual schools.

  :: For recertification, I must take a class during the five-year recertification cycle. Is that true for TSIP, as well?
No. The TSIP certification process is similar to the process for license renewal in general, but there is no time limit associated with the coursework component-or any other. You may submit documentary evidence of successful completion of relevant coursework done at any time.

  :: Where do I get the forms I need to complete the certification process? Do I use the ones in the Guide?
Skills Checklists for the portfolio requirement, as well as the TSIP Proficiency Record are contained in the Guide and may be used or photocopied, as desired. All appendices of the Guide are posted as PDF documents at the TSIP Resources page where they can be downloaded individually, as desired. Persons choosing to submit portfolios should consult the Guide for relevant links to the Learning Resources Review Form and to the Web Site/Software Evaluation form.

  :: I worked in another school division last year and already received certification in the TSIP. Do I have to do this again?
No. Albemarle County will accept certification of your TSIP skills made by another Virginia school division, provided you have documentary evidence of that certification. You should show or give your principal a copy of any documentation you received relative to demonstrating proficiency in the TSIP. You should forward a copy of the document to Human Resources, as well, since that department is responsible for reporting your achievement to the state DOE as part of your next renewal application.

  :: Once we complete these requirements with our upcoming recertification, will we need to repeat the process with each recert cycle?
There is no indication from the state at this point that you will have to demonstrate proficiency during each recertification period.

:: Who signs off on my TSIP Proficiency? I thought it was the principal, but then I saw a place for "initials of a peer?"
The principal or another administrator that he or she so designates is responsible for signing off on the TSIP Proficiency Record (Appendix D). A copy of The TSIP Proficiency Record must be submitted to Human Resources, as requested or required. No other record or form is submitted to HR. However, for those educators who choose to demonstrate proficiency by developing a Personal Portfolio, it is permissible for a peer to "sign-off" on the Skills Checklists, signifying that he or she has observed your demonstration of a particular skill. The Skills Checklist may be submitted to your principal or supervisor, as evidence of demonstration of a number of the skills required by standards A through D.