December 18, 2014
Computers and Technology
At Cale we use technology to teach and learn the curriculum. This integrated approach spans all grade levels and all content areas.

Students not only use the internet and various software programs to build knowledge, they also use technology tools to author and publish original products.

Desktop computers, laptops, digital still and video cameras, digital microscopes, and projection systems are all tools of the trade for students at our school.

Paul H. Cale Elementary's Overall Technology Plan

Mission Statement:
It is our mission at Paul H. Cale Elementary to have technology be an integrated, dynamic component of our overall instructional program which adapts to remain current with the changing technologies available. Technology is a bridge which allows us to bring a common learning base to our diverse population. All students have equal access to technology at school thus creating equal opportunities for student growth and expression. Technology at Cale offers teachers an opportunity to be more efficient, better able to assess and evaluate student achievement, assist in communication between the school and parents, attend to various learning styles, and differentiate the curriculum more effectively. Technology at Cale gives students the opportunity to learn, retain, and utilize knowledge. This is an ongoing learning process in which all members of the school community take part.

It is our vision that all students will have equal access and opportunities to develop skills, engage in problem-solving, and learn new materials on computers. We see a school where there is enough computer software and hardware that all students and teachers are able to seamlessly integrate technology into the total learning experience at Cale Elementary. Technology is something worthy of mastering for the sake of preparing students for the world that will be theirs and also as an enhancement to the teaching of content and the learning and retention of curriculum for the students. Students can reach out, via technology, beyond the four walls of the classroom, to interact and participate in the global community.

There will be...

  • A multimedia computer in every classroom powerful enough to run all current CD's and software in the building, and to do Internet searches and quests
  • A presentation system in every classroom
  • A networked color printer
  • A production / publishing /simulation computer lab complete with multimedia machines, scanners, digitized image software, and a projection system. This would be pre-scheduled by teams in accordance with their scope and sequence content area needs. Technology objectives would be tied to subject areas.
  • A growing library of software titles to support instructional objectives

Students who will demonstrate competency in all Technology SOL areas