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 General Multi-Issue Resources

Specific Issues - Both sides of many controversial issues.
Debate Topic Database - Presents arguments, background summaries, links to relevant websites, and resources on 550+ debate topics
Swarthmore Debate Page 
Public Agenda Online
Hot Paper Topics 
Hot Religious Topics  - from
Debatepedia - a wiki of pro and con arguments, quotations, and links to resources on critical public issues. Articles vary in completeness and authoritativeness.


Rights Organizations   a
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Electronic FrontierFoundation - non-profit organization devoted to protecting digital rights.  
Electronic Privacy Information Center 

American Memory - from theLibrary of Congress
National Archives

Nelson Mandela webpage 

Gifts of Speech: Women's speeches from around the world





Abortion and Reproductive Rights
Animal Rights

Censorship (NCAC)
Banned Books Week (ALA)
Death Penalty
Evolution vs. Creationism - from the NCSE
Gay Rights

Gun control (Just the Facts)
Gender Issues
Internet Filtering - CIPA and resource guide from ALA
Intellectual Property Rights
Poverty and Famine
War on drugs  

Government & Schools
THOMAS - federal government
Virginia General Assembly  - state government
The Oyez Project - Supreme Court case summaries & opinions
ACPS School Board Policies - Albemarle County policies
American School Board Journal - searchable online publication
NASSP - searchable homepage of the National Association of Secondary School Principals

First Amendment
ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom
Free Speech TV
High School Journalism Resources - from Poynter High School, FLA
National Scholastic Press Association - searchable site including their online publication, Student Press.
Scholastic Journalism Resources - from Indiana
University's School of Journalism. Enter your
search term (such as school censorship) in the
search box at the left. Some items may be
password protected, but most are not.

Student Press Law Center devoted to providing
support services to high school and college journalists
about the importance of the First Amendment. Includes a FAQ area and interactive tests about the nature of student press rights at the high school and college levels