Saturday, December 20, 2014
Laptop Cart Checkout Procedures

Step 1: Make Reservations
Step 2: Pick Up Cart and Keys
Step 3: Your Responsiblities
Step 4: Return the Cart and Keys

Step 1: Make Reservation

Click here to go to the Technology Calendar.  The Instructions for Making a Reservation are at the bottom of the page.

-You will need the password for the reservation page. (Remember: This is not your regular login and is a special login just for the Technology Calendar)

-If you are reserving carts for three or more days in a row, please send me a note with a brief explanation of your plan.

Step 2: Pickup Cart and Keys

-Check your reservation online to verify which cart you checked out.  The laptop carts are stored in the upstairs green glass hallway.  Your restroom/mailroom key also opens this room. 

-The keys to the carts can be picked up from the main office.

Step 3: Your Responsibilities

Before Class:
-When you get the cart to your room, plug it in to a power outlet.
-Open the cart and verify all laptop are present.  If any laptops are missing please report that immediately.
-Check that all laptops are plugged in to their chargers.
-If you find the cart in poor condition (messy wires, unplugged laptops, etc) report that immediately.

During Class:
-Have a plan!  Please observe the Acceptable Use Policy at all times.
-Check-Out...Record what student has what laptop. This is important...
if a laptop comes up missing you will be required to produce this list.
-Make note of any problems with the laptops during class.
-Check-In...When students are finished their assignment record that they returned the laptop to the cart.
-Plug every laptop in to its charger.

After Class:
-Verify that every laptop is plugged in to its charger.
-No wires should be hanging out the front.  Please make an effort to keep the cart tidy.
-Email any repairs or maintenance that needs to be performed.

Step 4: Return the Cart and Keys

-The afternoon you are finished with the cart, return it to the Upstairs Green Glass Room.
**If you have the cart for more than one day it can be stored in your room over night.**
-Plug the cart in to the wall.
-Be sure the cart is turned on and charging.
-Return the Keys to the Main Office.  If you are returning keys later in the evening please find a custodian to let you in the office to drop off the keys.


What if the laptop cart I reserved is not there?

While we hope that every teacher will be able to show the same professional courtesy and return laptop carts and keys on time on occasion there can be a mix up.

Step 1: Do not send out a staff email.  Call 1164, if no answer…email me.

Step 2: Do not just take a random cart.  If you take a cart that is not assigned to you then there are two carts out of place.  It is a lot easier to find one cart than two.

Step 3: If you have not heard from me, look on the technology calendar and see who had the cart the day before.  Call the main office and have that person paged.

Step 4: If you have not heard from me and the previous teacher does not have the cart, please start on an alternative lesson plan.  I will continue to work on the situation and follow up with you as soon as I identify the problem.

Where are the keys and carts kept?

The keys can be dropped off and picked up from the main office.  Laptop carts are stored in the upstairs green glass house.  Your number 4 (bathroom/mailroom) key unlocks the door to this room.

Why can’t I log in to the Technology Calendar?

The technology calendar has its own unique login.  Your regular login will not work.  If you can not remember the password please contact me.

What if a laptop comes up missing?

If a laptop has come up missing and you have not dismissed your class, KEEP THEM THERE and call an administrator immediately.

If class has been dismissed call an administrator and submit your list of what students had what laptops.