For a tutorial on how to sign up, scroll to the bottom and click on the attached movie.

In order to sign-up for Computers, you must Login to SchoolCenter first! You may login by clicking on the SchoolCenter Login link in the Navigation Bar on the left.

**Be Sure You are using FIREFOX Browser!**
Welcome to the Agnor-Hurt Online Calendar Sign-up

Click on the navigation button on the left of the page to select the calendar you would like to use. Once in the correct calendar click on Edit near the top of the page in the panel of tabs.

Add a Sign Up Event:

To add an Event to the calendar click on the New Event in the menu under the Edit tab.  A new window will open.

Under the General Tab...

Title: Type in your last name in the Title Field.

Text: Add any details others might need to know in the Text field. For example, let other teachers know that you are only checking out 5 of the 10 laptops on that cart.

Date: Type in your date or click on the Date Picker icon. This will open the Date Picker; select the Month/Day/Year for your event.

Under the Options Tab...

Time: Add your time here. You need to add a Start time and an End time. Be sure to include am or pm.

Click the Done Button.

Recurrences: This feature allows you to add an event once and make the event span everyday in a week, or make the event recur monthly or weekly. To make an event Span/Recur, click on the Recurrences Tab. Click on Make Span/Recur. A new window will show up on your screen.  Notice all of the options that you have. You can choose to repeat the event every day for a span of time, select days and/or weeks, or on a specific day for a designated time period.

To change an entry that you have already made, click the Edit pencil icon that appears when your roll your mouse over the front of the name box for your event

***Note: When you are finished, simply click on the Done button (pay close attention when deleting the Span/Recur to be sure that you do not accidentally delete the entire event). ***

Our professionalism, respect, and sharing with colleagues

1. Sign up for no more than 2 weeks (2 weeks in advance of need) to allow everyone a chance, by not locking up dates far into the future
2. Carts are your MAIN resource within teams.

3. Teams can work out agreeably how carts are shared (who signs up when).
4. Lab is for large (multi-week) large program (Powerpoint, iMovie, Garageband, training for required/essential skills when there aren’t enough laptops on carts, reports, whole-class projects.
5. On-line testing pre-empts all other activities.