Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cosmetology II Syllabus

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Course Objectives / Expectations:

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Attain Enough Competencies and Skills to Take the State Board Exam
  • Demonstrate Safety, Sanitation, and Disease Control
  • Clean and Sanitize Implements,Equipment, and Facilities
  • Exhibit Professionalism and Workplace Ethics
  • Work Place Skills
  • Cut Hair
  • Create Permanent Wave
  • Lighten and Color Hair
  • Perform Chemical Relaxer
  • Perform Artisty of Artificial Hair
  • Participate In Profression Organizations Related to Your Program
  • Manage the Salon

Class Format:

Students will start with a warm-up activity at the begining of class. Review will start immediately after the warm-up activity has been completed. Students will be presented with new material by guided information and apply new theory that will allow each student to engage in lab activities. Upon completing lab activity students are required to clean up. Home work will be assigned along with follow up of questions related to the lesson and activities of the day.

Rules and Regulations:

Students are expected to adhere to all school rules and policies that are outlined in the student handbook. All classroom rules and guidelines will be developed with the class the first week of class. These will include:

  • Character Education will be enforced
  • Closed toe shoes will be worn during any lab activity


    • Students will demonstrate on clients and manikins all the services that are rended in a salon.
    • Test will be given after each major objective.
    • Home work assignments will be checked as given.
    • Each student is required to work in a salon after the first semester

    Reading Assignments:

    Required Text(s):

    • Reading assignments will be from the Milday's Standard Text Book
    • Salon magazines and news clips


    Grading: In the occupational programs, grades for tests, skill performance and demonstrations, quizzes, homework, projects, notebook assignments, and/or any other activities that measure competency level will account for 40% of the marking period grade. The remaining 60% will be determined by the student's workplace skills grade.

    • Homework will count for 20% of the competency level grade.
    • Quizzes count for 30% of the competency level grade.
    • Tests count for 50% of the competency level grade.

    Grading Scale

    A 90 - 100
    B 80 - 89
    C 70 - 79
    D 60 - 69
    F 0 - 59

    Student Supplies:

    Students are required to purchase: Exam $50.00 , Skills USA $14.00