Friday, December 19th, 2014

Parent Teacher's   Organization


Within each acorn lies the promise of an oak.

I am happy to welcome all new and returning Stone-Robinson students and families to what will be an amazing 2012/2013 school year!  As the president of the PTO this year, I also want to let you know that by being part of the SRE community - you are automatically enrolled as a member of the PTO, so welcome!  The SRE-PTO is a dynamic group of parents, teachers and staff that are committed to enriching our children’s elementary school experiences.  We are all lucky to be able to send our kids to such a top-notch school and the PTO’s efforts only enhance this level of excellence! 

I encourage you to explore all that the PTO does within SRE.  A new PTO welcome packet was developed this year to organize all the projects  and events so you will be aware and can participate. Watch for that the first week of school. We appreciate and depend on our volunteers whose time and talents make our endeavors a success.   I attribute the PTO’s success each year to those willing to volunteer, donate and go the extra mile every day. 

SRE-PTO is an all-inclusive group that welcomes new ideas, new faces and meets monthly. Our meetings are organized and efficient. They offer a chance to meet new people, get detailed information regarding upcoming events and explore volunteer opportunities. Childcare is provided during these meetings, so come take a look!

So again, I welcome everyone as new and returning members of the SRE-PTO.  I look forward to working together to provide great opportunities and fun for our kids this year!  So think lime and green, get used to seeing the eagle, and please consider getting involved – I guarantee there is a niche for everyone J

Looking forward to 2012/2013


Nicole Weiss

SRE-PTO President